Get to know us

AirMaster's inception stems from a deep-rooted passion for aviation, embodied by its founder, João. With a robust background as a professional pilot engaged in diverse flying activities such as ferrying aircraft, banner towing, aerial application, firefighting operations, and aerobatics across the globe, notably in regions like the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, João accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise.

Following numerous successful flights and the establishment of a substantial network, João recognized the opportune moment to elevate his contribution to the aviation industry. Thus, AirMaster was born, with a primary mission to infuse professionalism and expertise into the expanding and dynamic general aviation market.

Our mission

AirMaster distinguishes itself by pioneering fresh approaches to flying and consultancy services while prioritizing safety and client satisfaction above all else. Beyond their individual roles, the AirMaster team operates as a cohesive family unit, fostering a culture where every client is seamlessly integrated into the company's operations.

Our vision

At AirMaster, communication serves as the cornerstone of every interaction, ensuring a transparent and smooth experience from initial contact to the successful conclusion of operations. Clients engaging with AirMaster not only benefit from top-tier services but also become integral members of the AirMaster family, guaranteeing a seamless and collaborative journey throughout the entire process.

Our team

Despite being a youthful enterprise, AirMaster boasts a highly motivated and seasoned team comprising pilots, lawyers, technicians and logistics experts.

Tomás Vaz Pinto

Airline pilot, flying the mighty EMB-195, has a special taste for vintage aircraft

José Luis Lickfold

Owner of a beautiful Pitts Special, he loves aerobatics and the smell of AVGAS in the morning

Miguel Neves

Aerial firefighter and AG pilot. Seaplane? No problem!